yum. i love ice cream.

Williams Sonoma new ice cream book, with the lovely gals from Weldon Owen. It was about 50* inside the studio to keep the ice cream from melting too fast. while it was 90* outside, a rare hot day in SF. it was worth the salted caramel...thick strips of caramel with big chunky seasalt sprinkled on top, the toasted pine nuts in butter and salt mixed into creamy ice cream with the tiniest hint of fresh lavender. I miss shooting this book everyday.

brought to you thanks to my iphone.

as if it wasn't sugary enough,
shelley had to go and make us homemade donuts.
the best i have ever had, honestly. thanks shelley!

leigh noe, stylist extraordinaire & her amazing array of ceramics.

Look for it next fall in a William Sonoma near you!