Grand Cayman Engage 09

Rum Point

Vivene's Kitchen, yum, mango juice.

afternoon shower, cooled everything down

Alison Hotchkiss from Alison Events and I went to speak at Engage 09 in the Grand Cayman this week. It was a fun filled, inspirational, informational gathering of the top people in the wedding industry. I was so honored to speak on the Destinations panel. Sharing information with my fellow photographers on the ins and outs of Destination wedding photography and ways to get yourself into the editorial world. I had the chance to spend some non work time with two of my favorite people, Darcy Miller & Anthony Luscia from Martha Stewart Weddings.

After the event Alison and I rented a car and eased our way towards Boddingtown to spend a few nights on a quiet beach in a small local town. Steps from the beach and some great down time reading and tipping back some Red Stripes.

Vivene's Kitchen was a true hidden gem. A family owned little place overlooking the ocean. Fabulous sweet and sour chicken and plantains. Fresh mango juice to die for! We made our way to Rum Point and met our friends Abby & Tate Larson from Style Me Pretty. If you have never seen Abby's site, head right over for the best blog on wedding style ever!

heat lightning storms, plantains, mango juice, swimming with stingrays, rum runners, deep rolling thunder, bright colored picnic tables, snorkeling, starfish, good times with my good friends.
My new book with weldon owen, baby food! ordering from Skillet with red velvet cupcakes were better then blended peas. Such a fresh modern book. Look for it in Williams Sonoma next year.

A day in NYC for Lebook

clinton street bakery on LES rocks. Fried green tomatoes and cheesy grits are a must have.

the new thompson LES was a haven after a whirlwind LeBook party with DS REPS.

Little Veselka coffee, can throw a rock at it from the Thompson. Nice place to sit and have sparrows surround you.