Love graffiti

Bonita Springs, Florida. While on lunch break from shooting ettiquette expert and Emily Post granddaughter, Peggy Post, we saw this car with the lovliest graffiti I have seen in a while.

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California dreaming.

On my way to a shoot this rainy morning. Loved the guy in his cool car with longboard, where was he going surfing?

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Calm and glassy

A quick afternoon walk on the beach to clear my head today. Ocean Beach was calm and glassy, sunny and blue skies.
It's days like these I love San Francisco. Happy Saturday everyone!

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Indian dancing

My friend Brooke hosted an amazing performance of classical indian dance at his fab glass and wood house in Montara tonight. It was utterly breathtaking. The music was mesmerizing and the dancing told stories as the bells jingles while she spinned around with grace. Thanks Brooke!

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Behind the scenes

Recent lighting test for verizon! Heather was such a great model, Brynn rocked the hair and makeup as always and yael made them all hip and fashionable. Thanks everyone!