New Film! crafting a meaningful home

I am so excited to share my first film! That is not a stop motion...
This little film is a promotion piece on the book called Crafting a Meaningful Home.  

Shot on location in San Francisco &  New York City, all shot by me on the 5DMarkII.

 Feel free to contact my studio or DS REPS if you have projects in mind.  
We are happy to help.

Edited by the lovely Arvid Eriksson.  Its is a pretty funny story.  While researching editors I fell in love with the last movie Toast did in the Greek Islands and contacted the editor of the film. He lives in New Zealand!  My business manager was leaving the next day on a trip to her hometown and lo and behold, Arvid lived in that same town she grew up in.  Strange small world we live,  Jenn was able to hand deliver it and say hello. I love working with people halfway across the world on projects via skype.  Always keeps things interesting.

Here's some info on the book if you have not seen it in stores yet.

"Crafting a Meaningful Home goes beyond traditional DIY books to tell the family stories behind each person’s craft project. From braided rag vessels and rugs to flags and gilded lamps, each project not only introduces you to a new person and their crafty skills but also lets you get to know them through a family tradition. I really love this spin on DIY and think it’s so meaningful to hear the reasons why certain artists make the things they make. I, for one, loved hearing about Joy’s early aversion to the color gold (because of how often it’s used in her family’s native Thailand) and how a trip to Thailand in 1999 made her finally fall in love with it. I can’t imagine Joy not loving metallics, so it was fun to get that little tidbit about her earlier design tastes. Meg’s book is full of great stories like that, not to mention tips for turning your own family’s traditions into a project for your home". 
 - design sponge (thanks for the write up girls!)

waiting for the rain.

on a shoot for TREX decking in st. john, virgin islands.  we are waiting out the tail end of the hurricane. the view is epic when the clouds part for a moment.  TREX decking looks fantastic and our boy talent, Qui Qui is psyched for our shoot. stay tuned for updates!


ahhh summer.  this video was shot by my camera assistant, brian stevens.  we took a trip to sayulita, mexico to do a test shoot together and he made this lovely video.  check it out!  will warm you up as winter approaches.  enjoy.