i heart fun

The holidays are upon us, the cold nipping at our toes and nose and I dream of longboarding in Mexico shortly.  In the meantime, I am editing my address book, sending out holiday cards, hastily billing before the close of 2011 and eating too much chocolate that came wrapped in bubble wrap and love.

I wish you all a holiday and new year this year filled with something very simple. FUN!

We all travel so much, time with family, long lines, internet crashes, and hazy mornings from laughter and red table wine from the winter wishes the previous night.

While I wish you all health and happiness, thats all fine and well. What I really wish everyone I know and love is...FUN!  We only have now, to do what makes us laugh, tell someone we love them, smile from ear to ear.

Be in the moment and enjoy every second.  Winter wishes and love to you all!

thayer, maren, renee and jenn from Thayer Photographs