Labor Day Weekend

Off to the organic farms near 4 mile surf spot for afternoon with
the SC boys and I hope to climb a tree today and eat some heirloom tomatoes.

We hope to make it to once of Jim's dinners this fall
Outstanding in the Field

I love his sandpaintings too, check em out in Patrick's film
Jim & Sand

Retrospective :: Deborah Mclinton

Thanks Stephanie and Kate for putting together
retrospective of Deborah Mclinton's work @ Gallery 291
I love this one to remember Deborah and her amazing spirit.


cold sparkling shiraz, this is my new favorite summer wine

lolo's has the cutest interior, all handmade and lots of type everywhere.
not to mention the food is muy rico.
makes me feel like i am on vacation in south america.

gordo, just back from a shoot in China for Nike. Love his new hat by Deanna Gibbons
custom hatmaker in San Francisco. I so want one for my birthday!

love thier spanish newspaper bar and the chotchke's.

Shape Magazine

how many people does it take to make a flower necklace?
5 when the sun is going down!

Road Trip

printing by hand

New Book! Printing by Hand by Lena Corwin

in the middle of how-to shot, gus came to visit.

listening to elliot smith & snuggle time with Gus while Lena labored happily screen-printing, painting, cutting, pasting, & working her tail off for her first book.

If you don't know Lena, you may have seen her maps in Elle Decor, I adore them!

Sunset Magazine

sunny day in Pinole.
organic bedding & thai lunch
loved the purple paisley bamboo sheets!

i love pink carnations

miranda, the new style director for sunset. she loves all things nautical

reminds me of my parents den

retro plaid meet thai plaid.

Prospect Park

rainy sunday in prospect park.
so great to run into helen and her little dog.
love the starry sheets.

Austin turns 30

thanks holly for the supermarket cake. yummy sweet frosting.

Self Magazine goes to Shelter Island

hot, humid & stormy
I always love a few days at Sunset Beach Hotel
nothing beats table tennis & rose wine

7 minutes from greenpoint to SI
i love ferries.

my favorite hang out spot at Sunset Beach, the fire pit.
Nicki and Choi take a break from the mussels.
it was austin's 30th birthday and much too much wine.
late night at the pridwin, the haunted hotel!

giant ho-ho's

not far from smith street, somewhere in brooklyn on a random walk i came across these giant ho-ho's. they are twice the size of normal cupcake and not bad, $3.50 each. i got a few for my meeting, i could not resist! few blocks from Blue Marble. it is attached to a restarant which does not look very appealing. i say these ho-ho's are the only reason to stop by here. yum.

i love brooklyn

yum. i am just starting to get to know brooklyn and rob took me to blue marble for some mint chocoloate chip ice cream. so yummy. love their painting that highlights all the places they get their organic ingredients from . if you have not been and in the hood, check it out. i love the mint chocolate chip. reminds me of late nights at fire island.

Good Housekeeping

Holiday cover shoot in NYC. This little angel was complaining because the light hurt her eyes! Courtney, design director, was kind enough to shade an angel. Look for the cover this December!

Helen, amazing craft queen! love her warning on the cookie box.

pretty in pink

jack studios , NYC, pretty pink cove. they painted over it back to white right after but i so wanted to shoot on this! oooooh, it was so pretty.

British Marie Claire

Shot in Hollywood Hills for British Marie Claire. It was a tea party with some famous british peeps living in the west coast. I just had to shoot this one for me, and happily they ran it!

best buy

thanks to brynn and his iphone. you now can see all my awkward poses for shooting on kitchen islands. kara, why did I not have this island moved, I mean LA permits cost enough! No wonder my back hurt after the Best Buy shoot.

go climb a tree

Shot at The Boulders Resort in Carefree, AZ for Shape magazine. I shot it a bit ago for the Eco Issue April 2008. I just stumbled across an image that did not make the magazine story...but I totally love this image. Makes me wanna....

go climb a tree.

thayer and alison

For those of you wondering what me and alison look like.
Here we are!
At the folk music festival in Golden Gate Park. (Alison in the green puffy!)

Lily Wedding

Martha Stewart Weddings for Lily's wedding in Santa Barbara.
Loved her mish mash of antique plates the fab custom purses for the bridesmaids.

Stewart + Brown

Fall Campaign 08
It was the most amazing shoot! This is why I love my job!
We shot in Santa Ynez on an organic farm where Betty builds by
hand all their houses in corn cob construction. So beautiful.
Betty made us the most amazing homegrown food and her warmth kept us going in the 50 mph winds. If you don't know Howard and Karen's organic clothing line, check it out at and look for my photos this fall!

Parents Miami

ok miami is not supposed to be 50*!
as always it is great to work with Clare @ Parents
regardless of the weather

my coffee

I keep meaning to get a cup that is not wasteful on all my shoots.
I kept this one going for 3 days before the bottom fell out.