88 Orange

Visalia. Who knew it was so foggy in orange groves? Check out 88 Orange new clothing company that makes organic tees. Endless fog, dominoes by the fire, feeling small next to giant trees and bears frolicking.


Stinson Beach, whirlwind day, 4 covers for Toddler magazine.
It was magical.
fresh local crab, homemade beer, sunny december day, happy cooking, curried deviled eggs, full moon, crazy high tide, beautiful children, christmas tree on beach, hot tub in the woods, too much coffee, too much beer, laughing so hard I cried, fur hats, avocado and cream cheese, million dollar view, pretty photos.

my new camera assistant brian took this delicious image. had to share.
check more out at brianstevensphotography.com

Hello 09

Diablo Magazine holiday buying guide


it was mighty cold out but michelle was a trooper.
look for it in british RED next fall

Stewart + Brown

my photos are finally up on stewart brown
check em out!