Verizon dance party NYC

Four days of acres of white & thousands of pictures we finally wrapped the big fat verizon shoot! 12 art directors 4 account execs, 4 art buyers, 2 stylists, 3 hair & makeup, 3 prop peeps, 6 wardrobe assistants, 2 camera assistants, one digital tech, one photo concierge & a DJ.
That's alot of "can you hear me now?"
Thanks MILK for the whiskey and beer.

Santa Fe, Fourth of July

sparklers! kathryn schiff from Tidepool Reps and the fabulous Jennifer Joseph. It is always a treat to eat, drink and be merry with JJ and get a sneak peak at new works she is doing. If you don't know her, check out her work @ I adore her paintings.

I am so copying JJ, random buckets and pottery filled with herbs in the middle of the garden. She always does great things with circles.

one of my favorite JJ paintings. sigh. I hope to have one of my own someday.

another fab JJ idea, rip off the doors on your kitchen cabinet and paint it happy leafy green inside. makes me want to eat mint and edamame.

I think she may have my favorite art studio by far. Who doesn't love a fireplace in your art space.
Imagine a big open airy space, with great light and tucked in the corner a classic kiva fireplace.