The Crafters

Day 5 of new Craft book with Meg Mateo Ilasco. Rope hand crocheted rugs, japanese curtains & gold leaf milk bottles. We spent yesterday at Lisa Congdon house who owns the amazing store Rare Device. She made a fabulous plate wall for us. Today we spent the day at Lisa Wong Jackson house who owns Good On Paper Design, their dog pixel and ever helpful husband Nick. 90* and the most amazing views! A few behind the scenes pics and vignettes from NYC, LA & SF shoots. Enjoy! More to come...two more days and 5 more crafters to go!

p.s. look for the book next year published by Stewart Tabori & Chang.

Summer in NYC

August in NYC. Everyone thinks I am crazy to show portfolios in the summer. Noone is in town and the heat off the pavement is blinding. I actually love going in the summer! Most people are available mid week and I love running in the afternoon showers along the Hudson. Cools you down from a long day of lugging 4 books around the city. Coffee with Robbie Lee, lunch with the Mcann crew, dinner with Nathan from Nathan Jenden Designs at the Soho House, The Frying Pan with Anthony Luscia from MSL and drinks with Suki Cheema at the new Cooper Square Hotel. Love the architecture. I miss summer nights already.

Yoga Journal

It seems I only get the chance to work with the Fabulous Charli around this time every year. We spent the day at Jasmine fabulous Eichler in the north bay. The holiday spread is going to be so fun this year! Yes, we actually did work this day. Enjoy.

San Francisco Street Food Festival

After a long bike ride and backyard chill session with Alison Hotchkiss from Alison Events our posse made the walk to the mission to get some grub. Sadly, so did everyone else. It was crazy! We waited in line forever, in the shortest line we could find, unaware of what food they were even serving. It was my first time eating beef hearts on a skewer, and honestly my last! It was a bit odd and mixed poorly with the only beer left in the beer garden, budweiser. We opted to bail even though the funnel cake shack was beckoning us. Maybe next year we go earlier!

Modern Bride @ The Parker

On stands now! I always love my yearly location beauty feature with modern bride. This year it was at one of my favorite spots, The Parker in Palm Springs. Who doesn't love bocce ball and shandies? Enjoy.