Coming home.

I have been on the move for quite a while now. Mostly Mexico, LA and NYC as most of you know. About to head off again to the chilly east coast for New Hampshire, Vermont then Idaho with the good folks from Apple, all boding well.

I have been thinking back over the years and the pictures and excited for 2010. To make images that capture what it is like to be on the road. The wind in your hair, the wind on your back. The sun as it streams across you in the morning, the deep inky black darkness of a foreign hotel room. The sun burning your nose as you drive into the mountains with the sunroof open. The crunch of snow beneath your feet. The exhaustion from non stop flights. The hunt for slow food in the middle of nowhere.

Check back soon for updates. In the meantime, what it felt like to be in Mexico last week, have not downloaded the cards yet but here is a taste.

Thanks, sweet Shaggy for the fantasy road trip.