New Stop Motion Video!

Chronicle Books Stop Motion Video christmas card...

"This year, the Marketing Design group at Chronicle decided to do something different for our holiday card: a stop-motion video! We all love the style of stop-motion, and thought it would be the perfect medium to deliver our holiday message—See things differently this year!—since we could make things magically appear, disappear, and transform into other objects. We also wanted to represent the kinds of things we love at Chronicle, including crafts, cooking, music, and children’s books. None of us had ever made a stop-motion video, however, and when we did a few trial runs we realized how incredibly challenging it would be. For instance, we would need to take over 700 photos to make a 1-minute video, all with consistent lighting and perfect timing (the final number was 726)! Luckily for us, our colleague, Christina Loff, introduced us to the fabulous Thayer Gowdy, who agreed to shoot it for us. Thayer was amazing…a real pro. She helped us pull it all together into a cohesive story and taught us so much. It was a fantastic creative collaboration and we were all sad when it was over!
By the time we were shooting the video, people at Chronicle were buzzing about it and asking “Why wasn’t I asked to be in it???” and pushing each other aside to peek into the room where we were shooting. The last step was adding the music, which was composed by one of our Sr. Production Coordinators, Ben Kasman. We were so excited to finally show it to everyone that we had a public “viewing” before we e-mailed it out."

Thanks chronicle, it was a blast!

Here are some behind the scenes of this crazy video in the making.

happy holidays from the 1201 girls.