Shout out.

Recently made a new photo friend, Alan W George.  He is a software guy by day and shooter every other hour.  I can't wait to do a photo trade for a giant print for my wall.  check him it.

A little about Alan, " Up until around 2003, photography was to me what it is for most people, a mechanism for recording life's "important" moments.   Memory triggering devices that will later remind us of the relentless inevitability of time.   I am not quite sure how but somewhere along the way, photography has become a central part of my life.   Photography for me is a way of exploring the world.   It's the process of searching, selecting and examining something that would otherwise go unnoticed.   Through this process, I feel more conscious, more aware, more engaged, more alive.   Plus, as Mr. Winogrand put it so succinctly , I just like to see what things look like as photographs."